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We work with the best--the hungry best. Everyone on our team is a pro madly in love with their craft. We are committed to creating art--not just showing up and dialing in for a shoot and checking off the shot list. We are ever seeking magic on the set and we do so by creating an environment of flow. This is the secret sauce of a great shoot. You feel good, we feel good and the moments flow onto the camera in the most natural of ways.

We use media to tell your stories well.

what we do

We are a team fueled by an intense desire to capture greatness and share magical moments. We combine our sometimes crazy, always creative and out-of-the box ideas with our get the shot mindset to bring your vision to life. We bring our decades of film, photography and branding experience with tons of fresh ideas and your inspiration to craft a visual story that is uniquely you.

For the last 20 years, Todd has leveraged his filmmaker experience and story-telling expertise to inspire thought leaders, rock stars, authors, and athletes to think beyond the brand shot list and to vision the arc of the story they wish to create for their brands; Ultimately to consider what inspired action they want their clients, customers, readers and fans to take. After years chasing his dream, mastering the craft, emotionally investing and hard charging all around Los Angeles, Todd has come back to Agoura Hills where he made it the official home for Inspiro Studio.

Founder & CEO

Todd Domenic Cribari

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Founder & CEO

Ally Mason

More about Todd & Our Team

The studio is a sacred place.

we believe

We know how important your project is to you. Our team will take it very seriously as though this shoot, this creative moment means everything to you and your brand. Inspiro Studio will always begin with this intention to elevate the experience to the realm of excellence and our results are both predictable and astounding.  

Relationships are above transactions.

we believe

Our philosophy is always to put the people who choose us first before any other company objective. We understand how precious our relationships are. Client's who elect to share their time and talent with Inspiro Studio should always be the number one priority. There is nothing we can't create together.

what we value


Since our founding, we have always believed INSPIRATION should be a key touchpoint for the clients we serve. We all have a special gift or message that we are destined to share with the world. With this in mind, our intention to always strive for excellence with every project. Our team will ensure that your dream will be realized. 


We are moved by people showing up, meeting struggles, overcoming challenges and sharing their stories and strategies along the way in order to lift others as they go. It is our great privilege to witness and capture the essence of you and what you breathe life into. 


We believe the path to world-class work is through rigorous innovation and a commitment to creative strategy that uncovers and reveals the essence of your brand. We got you because we get you. No one is able to get under the hood of a brand faster than we do. We identify what moves the needle for you and our creative discovery begins there.

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